Bit Preservation: 

A MD5 integrity check is done when data is copied from disk to tape

Annual examination of tape library and LTO4 tapes (possibly moving to biennial due to risks to tapes)


2750TB acquired 2009-2014 with annual growth of 450TB leading to 3450TB in 2020.

Archive storage system based on CASTOR v1.8 with IBM3584 tape library, LTO 4

Current capacity for BESIII

  • 2.7 PB, 2.2 PB used, 0.5 PB available

Remote replication of important raw data

~ 900 cartridges, 700 TB

  • DocDB: paper, technical notes, minutes…
  • Hypernews: notifications of software release, paper publishing …
  • Indico: Conference slides,
  • Inspire: published paper

BOSS is an integrated software package that includes all the blocks required in BESIII data processing.

For an old but stable version of BOSS, we preserve following items:

  • A complete package of software,
  • A runnable virtual machine image
  • The puppet template and RPM repository from which a runnable OS is created,
  • Release documents, book-keeping parameters…
  • A functional validation is done according to the standard process of software release.

Since the experiment is still working, budget and FTEs are shared with the operation of computing centre


The experiment is expected to stop data taking at 2022 and Lifespan of preserved data is expected to be about 15 years after then.

Host Lab: 

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