OPERA (or CNGS1) is an accelerator based neutrino experiment. It detected five tau neutrinos at Grand Sasso from a beam of muon neutrinos generated at CERN. Upon completion the OPERA exepriment is archiving it's data catalogue at CERN.

Bit Preservation: 

The data catalgue of the OPERA experiment exists at CERN CASTOR and EOS. Another copy exists at Lyon. We are currently checking whether the copy at CERN is complete or whether we need to copy data from Lyon.


The data exists in two copies, once in ascii files and once in binary files. Since there are five specific neutrino events this makes an attractive candidate for educational and open data.


We are looking to see whether there is documentation that should be pulled into CDS.


We are looking to see whethere there is source code to be pulled into CDS and binaries to be added to CVMFS.


Members of the OPERA collaboration. Waiting for more information.


This is the only expeirment that directly measure the osciallation of muon neutirnos into tau neutrinos, supporting the Standard Model predictions for neutrino oscillations.


Unique until superceeded by another measurement.


Each copy of the data are 70TB binary and 70TB ascii.


Ingesting into CERN archive.


Need clear access policies.

Need to ensure CERN has a full replica of the data catalogue.

Need to find the software and documentation to ingest.


All information to access the OPERA data should be archived at CERN by next year.

Host Lab: 

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